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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 14, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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three developing stories right now on "newsnation." giving in to minnesota's democratic governor is now willing to accept a republican deal to end the two-week-old government shutdown in the state, but not without conditions. and then president obama lights into congressman cantor and why some are asking if he is hurting the debt talks. and the senate democrats will hold a conference with treasury secretary timothy geithn geithner. and a judge makes a surprising ruling in the baseball star perjury charges. and first, funeral services for betty ford where she grew up and where she and gerald ford married in 1948. in a few minutes, lynne cheney, the wife of former vice president dick cheney will give
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a eulogy and hundreds attended a memorial for her and filing by the casket to pay t last respects. she will be laid to rest later this afternoon right next to her husband. >> she was a role model to women, with, you know, making breast cancer something that, you know, people could talk about. >> she was not president, but she set a huge impact on this country and the world in general. >> betty ford was an honest wonderful person. >> nbc's jay gray joins me from grand rapids, michigan, and as i noted, the family should be filing in and may already be inside, and what is the latest, jay, as everyone says good-bye to this incredible woman. >> yes, tamron, as you can tell by some of the people who came by here to pay respects at the gerald r. ford museum, it is an emotional good-bye to betty ford. it began in california and then moved to her hometown grand rapids and hundreds of people coming through the night last
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night and through the morning today to stop and say thank you. she was a public figure with problems before her were considered private and she took to the public stage talking about breast cancer and then substance abuse and addiction to drugs and alcohol. something that played out for her on the public stage, and she never shyed away from the spotlight, but it is clear she cherished the times to spend quietly with her close friends and family saying that is the joy of he life. it is that family and those friends who have gathered right now to say good-bye in the church as you mentioned where she marry her husband more than 50 years ago and fitting end to what is an amazing life as she comes back to the museum here and be laid to rest at a spot where she was the most comfortable through out her life at her husband's side, tamron. it is quite a good-bye to quite a woman. >> and well deserved good-bye in this way. thank you very much, jay. president obama and top congressional leaders are scheduled to meet again in two
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hours as they try to reach a deal to raise the nation's debt limit. it is the fifth day of talks if you are counting, which reportedly ended abruptly when eric cantor urged the president to accept a short month's long increase in the debt ceiling, and president obama declared, quote, enough is enough, and see you tomorrow and left that room. minutes ago white house press secretary jay carney talked about what happened. >> today, they will discuss significant issues in terms of savings that could be found, reasonable savings that can be found this the health care entitlement programs, and significant savings found through the tax code, and all it requires is for leaders of both parties as well as the president to decide that achieving something significant here is a worthy goal. >> there is more back information. the president reportedly entered the meeting yesterday knowing that moody's investment services
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was about to lower this country's top-notch credit rating unless a deal is reached soon. mike viqueira joins us from the white house. mike, these talks are entering as we know a critical stage with august 2nd behind the corner, but it is interesting what may or may not have happened in the meeting. you have cantor's version of this, but there is no love loss between eric cantor and this president, and many people are asking if he is hurting the debt talks? >> well, the white house said not only is eric cantor's account of what happened at the conclusion of that meeting, and let's remind people that according to eric cantor the majority leaders of the house of republicans, the president bushed back from the scene you described and said, ronald reagan never had to go through this, enough is enough. i will take this to the american people, eric, meaning that he would go to the people, and have a referendum and continue to take this dispute public. very interesting today that jay
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carney called that a preposterous suggestion. that president obama stormed out of that meeting, but there you are the perception none the less, and of course, republicans are eager to knock down the notion that the president has put forward, and a lot of people are willing to buy he is undergoing some political pain here in the name of compromise to defy democrats in the cutting of entitlements and social security and other programs that are so cherished. jay carney also saying today, don't expect a hallelujah moment today and tamping down the expectations today. they are going to be talking about taxes and revenues as they call them here in washington. and carney saying that tomorrow is a big day and everybody has to either come to an assessment that we can do a significant deal and they were talking of course of the $4 trillion deal until the republicans pulled the plug on that last weekend, and they have to come in friday, and friday is shaping up to be something of a deadline, and meanwhile, tim geithner, the
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treasury secretary up on the hill behind closed doors talking about the senators of a doom and gloom scenario is nothing is done by august 2nd, and the united states has to begin to default as carney and other white house officials call it hypothetical and insists that the country will not default and some arrangement will be made, but it is not clear what the path of the arrangement may be before august 2nd, tamron. >> and what about the report that the president was mulling over a bipartisan meeting at camp david and there is a quote at nancy pelosi saying it is not a good idea many her opinion, because the rsvps have not been released as politico pointed out, but what is story here? >> well, everybody is backing away from something that is not formally put on the table. there was some talk of moving them to camp david over the weekend, but there is no question that the talks will continue over the weekend, but it depends on the venue. john boehner is the first through a spokesman who said it
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is not a good idea, and something they are not necessarily interested in. john boehner went golfing with the president three or four weeks ago and he is not wanting to be seen so cozy with the president at this secluded location cutting a deal with the president even though all eight members of congress will be around that table, tamron. >> thank you, mike. we are following news out of washington, d.c. and not in the political forum, but where a judge has declared a mistrial in the perjury trial of baseball great roger clemenbes. reggie walton called the mistrial because inadmissible evidence was shown no the jurors due to his orders. clemens is accused of lying to congress when he said he never used performance enhancing drugs in his 27-year career in the major leagues. pete williams has more from washington, and pete, how could this mistake have been made, and what happens next for roger clenlbes? >> well, a lot of people are wondering why the government did
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this when they have been so clearly warned not the play this evidence for the jury. now, the -- remember what this trial is about. clemens is accused of lying about his steroid use when he denied it in a 2008 congressional hearing and one of the witnesses that the government will call is a teammate andy pettitte who will claim that he heard clemens say he used human growth hormone and today, the government played de excerpt from that hearing where a member of congress read out a affidavit statement from the wife of the teammate. and the jury should not hear what the wife had to say because she never talked to clemens. it was played today and the judge heard it, and then stopped the trial and decided to declare a mistrial. tamron, the decision is where to go from here. and the trial is over and the jury is not coming back, so will there be another trial? the judge will make that
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decision in two months and he could say, okay, try again, or he could say because of the double-jeopardy rule, you had your chance and blew it and that is it. that is what he has to decide in two months. >> all right. we will see what happens in two months. thank you very much, pete, on that news regarding roger clemens. another developing story in minnesota where there could be an end in sight to the two-week government shutdown. mark dayton says he will sign on to the republican proposal to raise $1.4 billion by delaying state aid checks to school districts and selling tobacco bonds. dayton says he will agree to the deal if republicans will agree to drop a list of policy changes and plan to reduce the number of state workers by 15%. so far, no comment from the gop leadership in that state. in caving into pressure in the past few hours, media mogul rupert murdoch and his son james have agreed to appear before the british parliament investigating that phone hacking scandal involving rupert murdoch's british empire.
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and that testimony will take place next week, and rebecca brooks will also testify, and former executive neil wallace became the ninth person arrested in connection with this tabloid scandal. here in the u.s., you may have already heard six senators and a congressman are now calling on the fbi to investigate allegations that "news of the world" reporters tried to hack into the phones of 9/11 victims and their families. "news international" has responded to the reports saying they have seen no evidence that these allegations are true. joining me to talk about it more nationally is syndicated radio host michael smerconish, and originally, we were heard that he would not be available, but now we will hear from rupert murdoch who was criticized by many who say he should have come out and said more sooner. >> what is interesting about this, tamron, you made reference
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to the concern of some that perhaps 9/11 victims were hacked into. it is not hacking into members of parliament or members of the royal family that really caused this to explode in the uk. it is the case of millie doweler who is a 13-year-old who had gone missing, and they hacked into her account, and listened to glean things that they could publish in the newspaper and meanwhile as you know, this gave false hope to family and law enforcement that if someone were relieving that in box of some of the messages maybe she was still alive, and my goodness, look out if that turns out that sort of behavior took place on this side of the pond as well, because there will be appropriately be a human cry. >> absolutely, there will be. and we should note that the report that this organization may have hacked into the phones of 9/11 victims and their families came from one source, but nonetheless, it was enough as you well know to get members of congress their ear and eye on this, and they want to hear
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more. but it is so interesting, michael, the conversation that is happening in the uk and some members of parliament are said to be freed to finally challenge "news of the world", rupert murdoch, news corp because they have felt so long they had to deal with murdoch. this is an interesting dynamic, and do you believe that we are seeing the tip of the iceberg here? >> i do. because just anecdotally commonsensically, that it could be one reporter or one investigator or one newspaper. one thing i love to go to the uk about is 7 to 10 dailies in london alone and if you think we relish a free press here in the united states, look at how many they keep afloat, and salaciousness is what keeps fleet street going, and if this is how they have been doing it, the industry deserves a big tumble, and murdoch included. >> michael smerconish in on this
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hot topic that is not going away. and the suspect accused of the gruesome murder of an-year-old boy makes the first appearance in court, and we are now hearing the details from the chilling confession this man gave to police. plus, secretly revealing the identity of an analyst who helped track down osama bin laden, has been exposed despite attempts to keep him anonymous, and now some are warning of deadly consequences. >> these half measures and gimmicks are not going to help anybody, and people are going to end up hurt. >> well, they are paid to fight fires, but a new program has firefighters helping to fight crime, and it has some people absolutely outraged in the gut check today. challenge that with olay regenerist night elixir. its gentle glycolic formula resurfaces at night for the smooth skin of a light chemical peel. sleep tight. regenerist, from olay.
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there are new details this hour on the murder of an 8-year-old boy in new york. the child's alleged killer reportedly spent more than 12 hours with that boy. police say that taking the child to a wedding just outside of new york city before smotherring him and dismembering his body. this is surveillance video showing the boy walking with the suspect, and police say that the boy was just seven blocks from home when he got lost and stopped to ask that man for directions. nbc news has obtained the confession the man gave explaining that he panicked when he saw fliers hoping to find the little boy leibby kletzy. he said i panicked and went for a towel to smother him in the side room. he fought back a little bit, afterwards i panicked, because i
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didn't know what to do with the body. in jewish tradition, he was laid to rest and thousands turned out to say good-bye. >> my pain is because i know the kid. i saw him. he was a really nice boy. very nice boy. >> i'm still in shock. i need time to process what is happening in this neighborhood. >> let's bring in msnbc criminal analyst and former fbi profiler clint van zandt on the phone, and clint, this is not easy to reed and it is not easy for people to hear at home but nonetheless, people want to know how something like this can happen in hopes that we never see anything like it. this man does not have a serious criminal past, and police say he has confessed to this crime. what do you make of this here? >> well, a number of things. numb beer on ee eer one based o there is probably other offenses, and he probably attempted to grab other kids off of the street, and maybe something with the former step children, there is still a lot
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that the police department has to and the fbi has to, to include perhaps digging up the backyard that i have heard they were going to do. >> and you have mentioned the step children, and the former wife spoke out, and she says that she is stunned by this, and when they married she had two young children and he took on the father role, and she is stunned, and this is one of the people closest to the individual. >> yeah, and one of her comments was that there was a broth brother/sister relationship between her and her husband and more than husband and wife, and that is why the single women and divorced women unfortunately in the world have to be careful when a new man comes in their life, because is he there for them or their children? that is something that has to be determined here. >> that is a big point to make. so many times we do these stories, and it is someone that the families venture or others have introduced into their lives. all right. clint, thank you, and we appreciate your joining us on the latest in that case.
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and coming up with the talk of america's debt and the state of the economy, some are looking toward the recovery and asking, where is the next big boom city? well, forbes is out with the list of cities that are expected to grow and prosper the most over the next decade. we have that list. i think that some of it may surprise you. a major hailstorm damaged dozens of planes in denver halting travel plans for about 1,000 passengers, and when will they get back on track there? we have the latest. here's what i'm not... a pushover. right now, some in washington want to make a deal cutting the social security and medicare benefits we worked for. with billions in waste and loopholes, how could they look at us? maybe we seem like an easy target... until you realize... there are 50 million of us. [ female announcer ] tell the politicians: cut waste and loopholes, not our benefits.
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and in extreme cases can lead to coma or death. your doctor should check for cataracts. other risks include decreases in white blood cells, which can be fatal, seizures, increased cholesterol, weight gain, dizziness on standing, drowsiness,impaired judgment, and trouble swallowing. use caution before driving or operating machinery. for more help putting distance between you and your depression, ask your doctor about adding seroquel xr. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. welcome back to "newsnation," and new numbers out today may give a immer-f hope to the jobs market. the government says fewer people applied for unemployment benefits last week and applications at the lowest level in three months but still the unemployment rate stands at 9.2% which is the highest all year, but there are some cities that despite the recession are thriving and even adding jobs.
2:24 pm
and forbes has just come out with america's next big boom towns and the cities expected to grow in the next ten years and here is a look at the top five. austin, texas, first, followed by raleigh, north carolina, nashville, tennessee, and san antonio, texas, and houston, texas, and forbes says that many of the cities on the list have some of the best job creation records in the nation. joining me is the author and forbes contributor who wrote the article detailing this list. thank you for joining me, joel. >> my pleasure. >> okay. so i have to say, i'm from the state of texas, so any time i see texas in a good list like this, it makes me smile, because i love to see all of the major cities on the list, but why is texas taking in so many spots here, houston and san antonio and austin? >> well, we were looking at job creation, but other things. migration, and where people are having children, where are immigrants coming in and thriving? and the texas cities and dallas also did very well. all of them did really well, and
2:25 pm
then there were some cities in the south that nashville, raleigh, also doing very well. the only big city on the east coast on northeast that did well was washington, d.c. not too hard to figure out why they are doing well. >> arewe seeing this migration to the south, because you get more for your money if the housing market is doing well, when you look at what you can get in raleigh compared to new york city, and the ease of life as you factored in. is that what we are seeing people migrating to where their money may go further? >> i think that is a big thing, and in particularly in a tough economy, and particularly for younger people, it makes a lot of sense to try to look at a a place to buy a house which you can afford. our next door neighbors are renting and moving to dallas to buy a house. this sun wi this is one of the major forces the drive people this the next five to ten years and particularly as the economy recovers a little bit and the people start to look at a buying
2:26 pm
houses and starting families and building a business. >> we also know that people are looking at technology and those jobs that maybe we transition from the plant job from the auto maker into something different and something more for this century, and are any of the cities giving you that? the new jobs that we need to take us to the next level? >> oh, sure. i mean almost all of them are. austin is very, very strong in technology and so is raleigh. houston is of course the world leader in the energy industry which is really increasingly a high-tech industry, and dallas has high-tech sector and so does washington, d.c. so all of these kind of tech-related areas are really, they are doing very well, and what is happening is that the jobs in terms of the increases are moving from the places like california and boston to places like austin and raleigh, and again, affordability is the key. >> right. and the bottom of the list is
2:27 pm
l.a., chicago, san francisco, new york city, and all great american cities, but certainly, you laid out the case why people may move from those cities for better quality of life. and joel, great article and appreciate your being here, too. >> thank you very much. and still ahead, the man behind the controversial marriage vow, and the details of the conservative who got congresswoman michele bachmann to sign this pledge which involves everything from marriage to slavery to everything, and a lot has been made about the people who have signed this, but what about the guy who came up with this? we will take a look. has ginkgo for memory and concentration, plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's.
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there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. tidy cats premium line of litters now works harder to help neutralize odors in multiple-cat homes. and our improved formula also helps eliminate dust. so it's easier than ever to keep your house smelling just the way you want it. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home. welcome back, everyone, to "newsnation." identity exposed. the cia analyst who spent ten years helping to track down osama bin laden, well, he has been outed by a blogger, and now some warn his life could be in danger. we will have more on that. and today's "newsnation" "gut check" and firefighters are not just fighting flames in one city, but asked to help keep an
2:31 pm
eye on crime because of budget issues. it is a plan that one police officer is calling a disaster. hbo leading the pack of the prime time emmy nominations as outstanding comedy and "glee" major shake-up with that cast. a lot of people are talking about that. and there is new speculation today about whether several big names will enter the race of the republican presidential nomination and those names are familiar. sarah palin, and texas governor rick perry, and new york city mayor rudy giuliani, and we are joined by mark murray, and we say this as if their names have just sprouted up. i want to start with rick perry, because "forbes" just released the top cities that should recover and be the next boom and three of the top five were texas cities. >> well, if rick perry, who is the governor of texas, and odds are that he will, because he is
2:32 pm
making phone calls to conservative activists in iowa and new hampshire and if he gets in, he has a ability to capture the tea party message and say that somebody like mitt romney governs like a liberal and i govern like a conservative. >> what is taking him so long? >> well, opening up the field, and people like mitt daniels and haley barbour did not run and newt gingrich's campaign implosion allowed a lot of of rick pey's former staffers who were working with gingrich to join up with perry. >> and sarah palin says that coming soon at the end of the summer, she will make a decision. >> well, the odds on favorite is that she is probably not going to run. to be able to run for president, you have to be able to raise that campaign dough, andhe actie endorsements, and she has not done that. she dips her toes into the presidential waters, but quickly removes them. >> and rudy giuliani?
2:33 pm
>> well, he wants to make a bid for a presidential election, but the problem is that there is not a clamor of the base from sarah palin or rick perry and people want those folks in, but not that much about rudy giuliani. >> what about the gop nominees and those declared and those still debating are all silent on the debt ceiling talks going on? >> well, it is a fascinating development, and the key actors in the players are folks in washington, d.c., so the eric cantors and the john boehners and the mitch mcconnells and we haven't heard much from mitt romney or other republican, and a reason why is that a lot of the presidential candidates are ex-gov nos and remember when it was barack obama, and joe biden, and john mccain and they were sitting senators and had a big voice in the debates happening, and not so this time around. >> that is a interesting detail that the candidates don't want in this one. i'm suspicious of that one. interesting to see you in studio for a change.
2:34 pm
thank you. right now, new insight into a controversy, that pledge that is a defining moment for some of the republican presidential candidate, and it is called "the marriage vow, a deck will ration of dependence upon marriage and family." at one point it included a passage saying that black children were better off in slavery than today. it is written by this man bob van der plant who is a founder of a right wing conservative group out of iowa called the "family leader" and all of the gop candidates are asked to sign the pledge and told they will not have family leader support if they don't sign it. michele bachmann signed it and immediately came under fire and so did rick santorum. and we are joined by justin elliott who recently interviewed the man behind this vow. great to see you again. you asked him the questions that so many people want alet's jump it, and you asked him why this pledge bottom line, and how did he describe it to do this? >> well, the thing to understand
2:35 pm
is that the marriage issue, and opposition to gay marriage is sort of the animating position in this guy bob vand er plot's platform, and he was running based on the repealing of the supreme court decision there ale lou same-sex marriage. he is clearly influential guy, and he is trying to put the same sex issue into the primary this year as it was not on the mind of people as it was a few years ago. >> and when you think of the pledges and you think of grover norquist and some people see them as traps that people are asked to sign the pledges. what influence does this organization have beyond iowa? >> well, it is an iowa-based group, and their influence, well, arguably very influential in iowa and bob is the head of it and got 40% of the vote in the gubernatorial election in
2:36 pm
2010. so, that is why all of the presidential candidates and several of them have been going into his group to give speeches. they all have to make a decision about the pledge and asked about it and so on. >> krou askyou asked him about pornography part of it and one section speaks of shariah law, and can you describe what you mean by the phrase and what you want the candidates to reject in shariah law, and the answer was stunning. >> he said right off of the bat that he is not an expert on shariah, but he thought that polygamy might be allowed under some islamist law and he wants the candidates to reject it. and michele bachmann signed it, and rick santorum signed it, but mitt romney said he would not sign it and said it was inappropriate and coming off as the adult in the room. >> and you asked them about mitt romney and him being a mormon and would that expect his support of them?
2:37 pm
>> well, bob is the evangelical christian and their goal is to elect evangelical christians to the office, and some people think that romney's tensions with the mormon church and the evangelical protestant churches could be a plot in iowa, but they said it was not a huge issue and romney is either leading or tied in most of the iowa polls, and he is obviously mormon, but you have to wait for the caucus to actually happen. >> they took out the passage of african-american children being better off in slavery than now, but nonetheless, it was in, and they have taken it out, and michele bachmann said she signed a different pledge and that is not what she signed on to. >> she said that the part of the slavery that people were offended to, and they said it was in the preface, and michele bachmann said she was not supporting the preface. and the bombing in mumbai is topping our international affairs. they say they have no leads into
2:38 pm
who was behind the deadly attacks that killed 118 people and wounded hundreds others in the nation's financial capital. and the government is criticized for a lack of intelligence leading up to the bombings. and people in denver international airport are stranded after hail struck and damaged planes that stranded over 1,000 people. that is slowing down operations there. and prosecutors have charged tug both pilot after he crashed when devlin was on his cell phone and collided with a stalled tour boat sending 35 other tourists into the water and killing two. they say that devlin has agreed to plead guilty to the charges. up next, a senate investigation reveals that billions of dollars of unauthorized charges are hidden
2:39 pm
in phone bills and people like yourselves perhaps across the country and why are the phone companies allowing this to happen? and first, things to going on today that you should know. as the august 2nd deadline bears down, two texas republicans are ensuring that military service members get their pay. they are proposing legislation to make sure that the pay chex keep going even if the debt ceiling is not raised. and also dealing with the 9/11 attacks, it will being into topics like why do people do bad things, and also an analysis of bruce springsteen's "the rising." ♪ come up for the rising with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain.
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i'm martin bashir and coming up at the top of the hour, the tea party congressman who has
2:43 pm
called the president of the united states a liar, and flip-flop, rupert murdoch says he will face the music and answer the questions in the growing hacking scandal. back to tamron. a new congressional report shows telecom giants like verizon and at&t are making hundreds of millions of dollars in fees generated by mysterious charges on your home phone bill. now, the scheme is known as phone cramming and third-party companies tack charges on to your bill that you don't know about. the scam is costing customers billions of dollars each year, and our investigative correspondent lisa myers has more for us. >> reporter: barbara arnold was shocked to find $300 in mysterious charges buried on her phone bills and one for her very own 800-number. >> i laughed, because i thought an 800 number, but then i was furious. >> reporter: the bogus charges were from companies she had
2:44 pm
never heard of. >> it is called cramming, but it is really scamming. >> reporter: senator jay rockefeller said that millions of americans have been victimized and that phone companies actually profit from the scheme. how do the phone companies make money off of the practice? >> every time something shows up which is of a cramming nature on one of their bills, they will make one or two dollars. >> reporter: we went to florida to track down system of the companies suspected of cramming. their corporate headquarters, seemingly only a post office box. we also visited the firm that represents many of the companies named dadata which says that the consumers are charged only for services that they authorize and we found the company in this unmarked building. your employer has denied an interview, but we would like for you to give us a chance to talk to us. phone companies have given
2:45 pm
hundreds of thousan of come can plants so why are they still given access to the platforms? >> well, because they are getting a piece of the pie. >> reporter: since 1996, it is said that at&t and verizon have raked in $650 million. and they say that steps have been taken to stop cramming. >> there is an improvement, but it is a significant and pervasive problem. >> reporter: verizon insists they do not tolerate cramming and customers who complain will be offered a refund. lisa myers, nbc news, washington. well, the emmy nominations are out, and plus major cast members of "glee" see you later. and let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett, and the emmys. >> yes, the emmys are a big news today and before we get to the nitty-gritty of the good and the bad, i want to show you the clip
2:46 pm
of the announcement of who is being nominated and the most sweetest and tender moment i have seen in a long time. it is melissa mccarthy and take a look. >> laura linney, the big sea, and melissa mccarthy, "mike and molly," -- >> oh, my god. yikes. keep it together. oh, the nominees for lead actor in a comedy series are -- >> that was so sweet. she is nominated while she is standing there for "mike and molly" and has to announce the next round of nominees and can barely keep it together, and orders herself to keep it together, and you see so many contrived things. >> she is a softy. don't let that out. >> a fun moment, and melissa mccarthy with a great moment with the "bridesmaid" as well. and two things surprising but not surprising that "batman" is nominated for many categories, and not surprised that "mad men" was nominated for 19 categories
2:47 pm
and it is a deserving show though in so many ways from the costumes to the writing to the acting, and last season was one of the best seasons. a lot of people surprised though that the kennedys, that mini series that we talked about with all of the scandal and trying to find a home for it on television got ten nominations including best mini series and best actor in a mini series or movie, and a lot of other nominations for things like wardrobe and that sort of thing. but many people shocked to see that take place especially with the storyline issues that came about with that. snubbed -- and we cannot talk about the emmys without the snubs. a lot of people talking about kyra sedgwick when she won the emmy for the "closer" and this is the final season. they want to know if she is snubbed because of the final season, but no, because look at steve correl of "the office" who was nominated and i think he
2:48 pm
will win. and in "parenthood" there is a person who could have been nominated for every character in that show, because it is fantastic week in and week out, and if it is not nominated next year, there will be outrage. >> i have to tune in to this. >> and "glee" was nominated and big news coming out between yesterday and today that some of the main principle actors are going to be leaving the show. >> the stars. >> and leaving a of the third season and those actors would be lea michele, and cory monchief, and why are they leaving? well, the author said it is a storyline that the kids are in high school and if you keep them for seven year, it is ridiculous and when you get rid of them when their time in high school is up, you are criticized for that as well. >> and chris just won an emmy or golden globe.
2:49 pm
>> yes. >> and when you do that, you can create your own time line. >> i like it, because it is fresh and keeps the storylines more believable and i can't say believable, because very little is believable. but i like keeping this particular show fresh. i think it is best for this show in particular. >> we will see. >> yes, we will. >> i won't be watching. no, i'm kidding. i love that show and i'm sad that the kids are going. for the latest in entertainment news go to the or be a fan of the scoop on facebook. it is a sign of the times of the tough situations facing our nation. firefighters are called to police the streets of certain neighborhoods and it is not only angering the firefighters, but the police as well. it might anger you, too. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, there's a family who can breathe easy, right now.
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we have just heard from treasury secretary tim geithner after his lunch with senate majority leader harry reid and other top senate democrats and
2:53 pm
the secretary of treasury insists that august 2nd is the deadline for raising the debt ceiling. >> we have no way to give congress more time to solve this problem, and we are running out of time, and in the eyes of the country are on us, and the eyes of the world are on us, and we need to make sure we stand together and send a definitive signal. we are going to take the steps necessary to avoid default, and also take advantage of this opportunity to make some progress in dealing with the long-term fiscal problems, and we don't have much time, and it is time we move. >> wow. well, president obama and top congressional leaders are scheduled to resume the fifth day of talks in just over an hour and lit more than that, and we will keep you up to date on that. also, a lot of of you have been giving us thoughts on the twitter account or facebook, and spooner 135 says that any presidential candidate who signs any pledge does not deserve to be a president. the prez must represent all
2:54 pm
people, and that is reaction to the iowa group having candidates sign that marriage vow. and we had a segment on the forbes magazine top boom cities in the struggling economy and someone said to me, before you are pumped up about the home state of texas, take a closer look. rick perry is a fraud and he can't win home. so rick perry has not officially announced he is running for president, but as we pointed out, many believe he could perhaps use some of the successes that he is claiming exists in the state of texas if he does plan to run. join the "newsnation" on dot-com as well as twitter and facebook. and secretary of treasury tim geithner says now is the time to get a deal done. >> and now firefighters in washington, d.c. has an extra duty, fighting crime. it has ems crews in high crime neighborhoods, because several members of the summer youth
2:55 pm
program were mugged. firefighters are supposed to radio for police if they see something suspicious, and the d.c. deputy mayor saying it is a preventative measure. >> it is to prevent things from bubbling up. the idea is that if you have a fire apparatus engine with adults there, no one is going to commit a crime. >> but the d.c. police and fire unions are outraged calling this unsafe. >> i think it is a disaster. you are putting untrained, unsupervised firefighters in some of the most dangerous parts of town to perform a law enforcement function. >> what does your gut tell you? should d.c. put firefighters on the streets to help fight crime? go to "newsnation." you can catch us everyday at
2:56 pm
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good afternoon, it is thursday july 14th, and here is what is happening. eric cantor, the mouth that annoyed the distinguished gentleman from virginia who makes a mockery of the debt ceiling negotiations and holds america's financial future hostage to right wing ideology. great. ♪ we will all go down together ♪ >> and plus liar, liar. >> president obama quit lying. >> the freshman congressman and the video attack on the president that has gone viral. representative joe walsh joins us live. and order, der, in a flip. rupert murdoch and his son now say they will answer questions on the hacking scandal that is circling their media empire, and will congress force them to testify here?


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